Override Default Entities

This example shows how to override default entities. The same procedure is used any time default entities will be overridden.

First you’ll need a new module for the modified xml. Call it OAuth2. Next copy the zf-oauth2-doctrine/config/orm/*.xml into your new module OAuth2/config/orm (create this directory).

Edit the xml as needed. Next edit your oauth2.doctrine-orm.global.php file and set ‘enable_default_entities’ => false You may need to modify the config file to match the new xml.

Now in OAuth2/config/module.config.php add the Doctrine config and alias the xml:

'doctrine' => array(
    'driver' => array(
        'oauth2_driver' => array(
            'class' => 'Doctrine\\ORM\\Mapping\\Driver\\XmlDriver',
            'paths' => array(
                0 => __DIR__ . '/orm',
        'orm_default' => array(
            'class' => 'Doctrine\\ORM\\Mapping\\Driver\\DriverChain',
            'drivers' => array(
                'ZF\\OAuth2\\Doctrine\\Entity' => 'oauth2_driver',


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